leekie doesn’t think cosima and delphine’s science puns are funny

 Happy 29th birthday, Tatiana Maslany! <3

  • Me: Mom I can't go to school today
  • Mom: Why is that?
  • Me: It's a national holiday for me and my people
  • Mom: What holiday?
  • Me: Tatiana Maslany's birthday
  • Mom: That's not a holi-
  • Me: It's a holiday.

To the best actress ever.

Happy 29th Birthday Tatiana Maslany !


"We’re going to go there"

Robert King about Alicia and Finn’s slow build


His dignity is stripped from him immediately, and it’s an incredibly traumatic event that comes out of nowhere. He’s no longer free in that instance. In that scene specifically, he doesn’t know who’s going to be there and he sees his great friend there showing her love and support. In times of need and trauma in all of our lives, that either brings people closer together or further apart. It’s an interesting moment where Kalinda and Cary get closer.

Matt Czuchry about Kalinda visiting Cary in jail